Facts About Quitaque

City: Quitaque
County: Briscoe County
State: TX / Texas

Elevation: 2,570 ft.
City Type: City (Category as used for US Census purposes)

Latitude: 34.366412
Longitude: -101.055286

Land Area: 1862205 square meters / 0.719001 square miles
(Within city boundaries as defined for US Census purposes)

Quitaque Age and Gender Demographics

Total Population: 432 (per 2000 US Census)
Male: 201
Female: 231

Median Age: 41.8

Quitaque Relationships and Households

No. of Housing Units: 252
No. of Owned Units: 137
No. of Rented Units: 45

Average Household Size: 2.37
Average Family Size: 3.04

Thanks to Maps-n-Stats for this information

Fun Facts

  • Beth Williams wrote a song entitled "Quitaque." For more information see Beth Williams' web site and check out the "One Empty Chair" album.
  • First city in the United States to have a totally wireless telephone system. It was installed by GTE in 1991, but two years later we reverted back to wire.
  • Home town of Jimmy Ross - President Lions Club International 2006 - 2007.
  • Voted "One of the Ten Hardest Working Communities in Texas" in 2005 and again in 2006 by Texas Department of Agriculture.
  • Our dark starry nights make Quitaque a favorite place for astronomers with their telescopes.
  • Do we have more nicknames per capita than any other city in Texas? (Check out the list at the Valley Farm Store.)
  • Quitaque (kit-ta-kway) is one of the most mispronounced city names in the USA.
  • The walls of our city park and cemetery were built by the WPA (Work Projects Administration) 1938 - 1940.
  • Home of not one, but two Texas state parks. Can you name them?
  • Part of the old Ozark Trail. (Our monument, buried in the street in the 1930s, will soon be excavated.)
  • Home of the official Texas state bison herd. Ted Turner recently donated 3 bison bulls to the herd.
  • The area was Indian country to the Comanche, Plains Apache, Cheyenne and Kwahadi tribes.
  • One of the many hunting areas of Quanah Parker, the last major chief of the Comanche Indians.
  • The area of Camp Resolution and "The Valley of Tears."
  • Just ten miles west of Turkey, Texas, home of Bob Wills, "The King of Country Western Swing."
  • Caprock Canyons State Park was voted BEST STATE PARK in 2004 by readers of Texas Co-op Power Magazine.
  • "Walking for the Cure" (for cancer) is a big deal for Briscoe County and the surrounding towns of Silverton, Turkey, Flomot and Quitaque. Since 1999 we have been in the top 5 counties in Texas in donations per capitia and once we were 3rd in the nation at $10.88 per person in the county. In 2008 we raised over $16,000 with "Cooking for the Cure" (this is our new program where we get together for a meal, silent auction and games).